Apprenticeship Program
If you are interested in the apprenticeship program please email us at with a letter of intent and any stipulations if any you have to the contract.

The letters of intent will be reviewed and interviews will be set up with all applicants.
Sample of the Contract please read  before sending a  letter of intent
Apprenticeship Agreement
This Apprenticeship Agreement is made between Tammy Leatherman whose
company/studio address is 2964 I70 Business Loop Grand Junction CO 81504. and Apprentice’s name (“Apprentice”)
who currently resides at (address here.)
1. Description of Work
The Apprentice seeks an on-site training and mentoring program with the Photographer/Owner
to gain valuable creative development and hands-on learning about the business
of craft.  Specifically, the Apprentice will receive:
• Instruction about the administration, marketing and making of craft
• Personal interaction with a working photographer to advance creativity and
• Studio time to develop creative skills and application
• Discounts of 60% in studio
2. Performance Measures
The Photographer agrees to help stimulate growth in creativity and learning by:
• Sharing specific how-to instruction on Photoshop program
• Discussing the specific business model of the Artist, including but not
limited to, the administrative set up, operations, marketing and
distribution of their business
• Seek out opportunities for the Apprentice and Artist to engage in at least
two external professional development programs (via area seminars,
continuing education classes, industry or regional marketing activities,
In return for the on-site training and mentoring, the Apprentice agrees to:
• Arrive on time and be willing to work during the hours outlined• Adhere to the dress code set forth by the Photographer
• Conduct duties with enthusiasm and professionalism
• Act responsibly and with appropriate care around machinery, customers,
studio equipment, etc.
• Accept constructive instruction and guidance/advice from the Photographer
3. Apprenticeship Outcomes
It is anticipated that the following activities will occur at the conclusion of the
• The Apprentice will have, their own portfolio to use to further their own career in photography
• The Apprentice and Artist will conduct an exit interview to discuss the
apprenticeship and articulate their strengths and skills or areas of
• If appropriate or deemed worthy, the Artist will provide the Apprentice
with a letter of reference or commendation
4. Term of Apprenticeship
The apprenticeship will begin on December 12th   2011, and conclude on June 28th with the
Apprentice working 15  hours per week in accordance with the following
schedule (to be submitted in detail here once agreed upon)
logistics, expenses in section 9.)
5. Ownership All work completed on the Photographers/Owners premises, during the term of the
apprenticeship, is considered owned by the Photographer/Owner unless otherwise stated or
approved in advance.  The Apprentice understands and agrees that the creative
application for producing their portraits  is solely owned by the
All items within the studio – including raw materials, equipment, supplies, files
and other business related items – are considered sole property of the Photographer/Owner. The
Apprentice may not use or copy unless approved in advance by the Photographer/Owner.
6. Authorship Credit
The Apprentice’s work culminating from the Apprenticeship shall contain the
following credit line: Produced by XXX at Picture Perfect Portrait Studio.
7. Payment
Add the appropriate section:
A. No compensation will be provided for this Apprenticeship. All out-ofpocket expenses during the Apprenticeship shall be born by the
Apprentice unless otherwise stipulated in writing in advance. In addition,
the Apprentice will pay all travel expenses associated with related
marketing or professional development activities unless otherwise stated
in advance.
B. In lieu of payment, the Apprentice is provided use of the studio
as barter for the work performed during the Apprenticeship. The
Apprentice will assume all liability associated with working in the Studio
and operating the equipment, and will hold harmless the Photographer/Owner from any
situations resulting from said use.  Materials will be charged at cost (or
specified fee) and must be paid to the Artist within two weeks of invoice
submission.8. Expenses
C.  Apprentice will receive 30% commission on all customers that are brought in directly by apprentice.
Travel and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Apprentice as the cost
of doing business will be reimbursed by the Artist or third party coordinating
this apprenticeship upon submission of invoice and documentation (original
receipts and other appropriate financial data) to demonstrate source and amount
of claim.  The Artist will identify in advance which expenses will be considered
reimbursable, and set forth parameters for paying travel and other expense
categories. All expense reimbursements to the Apprentice will be made within 30
days of receipt of invoice.
OPTIONAL: In addition, the Artist requires that the Apprentice pay for any
breakage or damage of property as a result of this Apprenticeship. A
reimbursement plan will be outlined in the personnel policy and reviewed
between both parties before entering into this agreement.
9. Terms for Immediate Cancellation
• If either party falsifies or misrepresents any information in their
• If either party violates the law (theft, discrimination, sexual harassment,
perjury, etc.)
• If either party dies or becomes disabled before completion of the
Apprenticeship, the terms of this program become null and void. The
remaining collaborator(s) may hire someone else to complete the term of
the program.
• Acts of God, adherent in individual artists’ insurance policy
• In addition, either party may request termination of the apprenticeship
o Illness preventing the party from fulfilling the performance duties
o Personal or family crisis, emergency
o Unsuitable conduct or incompatibility (personality differences)
10. Quitting the Apprenticeship If either of the parties wishes to quit the Apprenticeship before the scheduled
term is completed, the Artist and Apprentice shall enter into a written agreement
setting forth the rights of the withdrawing party, including any outstanding
compensation (financially or legally) to be paid to the withdrawing collaborator.
If the parties are unable to agree, the parties shall submit our dispute to
mediation and/or arbitration as described below.
11. No Partnership
The Artist and Apprentice are collaborators in this single project. This agreement
does not create a partnership relationship.
12. Non-Competition
For a period of 12 months/years after completion of the Apprenticeship, the
Apprentice shall participate in the preparation of any other work that directly
competes with and would significantly diminish the sales of the Artist.
13. Derivative Works
Neither the Artist nor Apprentice will incorporate proprietary material or
creative process based on or derived from the Apprenticeship in any subsequent
work without the written consent of the other party.
14. Warranties and Indemnities
Both the Photographer/Owner and the Apprentice represent and warrant to each other that:
• Each is free to enter into this agreement,
• None of the contributions to the Apprenticeship libel, violate the right of
privacy or publicity or infringe upon any copyright or other proprietary
right of any other person or entity, and
• In the case of a home studio/office, the Apprentice will hold the Photographer/Owner
harmless from all accidents and related incidents.
Each party agrees to indemnify the other(s) for any loss, liability or expense
resulting from the actual breach of these warranties.
15. Applicable LawThis agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Colorado.
16. Dispute Resolution
If a dispute arises under this agreement, we agree to first try to resolve it with the
help of a mutually agreed-upon mediator in the following location:  City/State.
Any costs and fees other than attorney fees associated with the mediation will
paid for by the party bringing forth the dispute.
If it proves impossible to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution through
mediation, we agree to submit the dispute to binding arbitration at the following
location: City/State under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.
Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitration may be entered in any
court with jurisdiction to do so.
17. Attorney Fees
If any legal action is necessary to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party
shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees, costs and expenses in addition to
any other relief to which he or she may be entitled.
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Signature Date
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