Business Portraits
Business Portrait Specials

Base Price:  $75
oSession Fee (Individuals or Groups):      $15
oRetouching:                                         $25
oDigital file: with copyright release           $45
High resolution JPEG Format
Color OR Black & White
EMAILED to client

Additional Look (outfit, setting, or extra group pose) : no charge
Additional Retouched Digital File: add $30
oHigh resolution JPEG Format
oColor OR Black & White
oEMAILED to client
Digital File in both Black & White AND Color: add $5
oJPEG Format
oEMAILED to client
Digital File on Disc: add $5
oJPEG and TIFF Format
oColor OR Black & White
oWill need to be picked up by client
Digital File in both Black & White AND Color on Disc: add $10
oHigh resolution JPEG and TIFF Format
oWill need to be picked up by client
Photo styling:
oProfessional make-up application 28.00
oHalf-priced makeup touch-up fees for groups with 2 or more females (Call for details)
oProfessional Hair Services
oHaircut $15
oHaircut with blow dry style $25

Guidance for Business Portrait Clients

Plan Ahead
Business portraits may be used for a variety of purposes and therefore no single photographic style will be right for all purposes. Please do not wait till the time of the session to begin evaluating what will be best for you. The more information you can give us ahead of time, the better.
1.If you are with a company that has a predetermined look please let us know when you book your session and we will try to be set up and ready for you when you arrive.
                          a)      Close up head-and-shoulders against black background   
                          b)      Standing three-quarters against white background
                      In many cases we will have already photographed others with your company so we may be able to provide this information   for you.  If your company has a pre-determined style and you want to refer us to your website or email us examples ahead of time, please do so.
2.If you are not working with a company with a pre-determined style you will want to consult with the graphic artist, printer, or webmaster you will be working with to produce your business cards, brochures, or other end products. An advertising photographer needs to be skilled at capturing an image that fits the needs of your ad, but is generally not an ad designer.

                      Examples and Issues:
a)      Some of our clients want to have a head and shoulder portrait on a white or black background so that the portrait and text can be floated on a business card without the portrait being boxed in. 
           In either of these cases you may want to pick a wardrobe color that matches or compliments text colors.

b)      Many clients want to be photographed on a background that can be dropped out or extracted so that their portrait can be superimposed on a scenic background. Knowing the nature and color of the scenic   background will help us pick a studio background color that will let the images blend together best.
c)      Body language and posing may be very important in ensuring your image will match the design of your final product.
d)      Ideally, the portrait pose and background will be predetermined by the graphic designer, and often a pre-shoot sketch is helpful.
e)      If you are certain that your image will always be boxed-in just as a framed portrait would be, you may want to visit our website and look at examples. Most of our traditional portraits are done against black, white, or charcoal backgrounds, our most popular look being black.
3.It is not uncommon for clients to arrive and tell us they want something different from a normal business portrait. Obviously, we can do numerous things that will be different from a traditional business portrait but many of them would be inappropriate for your uses. The number of choices is infinite and if you are not sure what you are looking for, then we are unlikely to know either. We enjoy creating new and interesting images for our client, but the design of these images need to be done prior to the session. You are welcome to schedule a free consultation on a day prior to your session. You may also want to visit our website (and other websites) and look at images in categories other than Business. Magazine ads can also be a source of inspiration. It is much easier to communicate through images rather than words.

1.       Dark solids (black, navy, charcoal, etc.) are always a safe choice.
2.       Bright solids (red, royal blue, etc.) can be used to make a bolder statement.
3.       Patterns are likely to draw too much attention for the main wardrobe items but can be used for accent in scarves and ties.
4.       Jewelry is more of a personal statement than a photographic issue. Wear whatever you would normally wear.

Makeup, Hair, and Related Issues
1.       Females- you may, if you desire, have us schedule a Professional Beautician to help you prepare for your portrait session. If you are scheduling a session as a single individual you will have the option to use our Beauty Salon services. (Arrive early if you need to remove makeup you already have on).
2.       If you are one of a group of two or more, you will want to schedule a touch-up session (half the price and half the time). This option is only available if you normally wear makeup (foundation, etc.). If you have questions regarding this option please call ahead. Because we typically book our sessions back to back, be sure to read the touch-up session document before scheduling this option to ensure enough time for your make-up and photo session and to keep from acquiring any additional make-up charges.
3.       Males- You will usually not require a Makeup Artist. We will help you control facial shine with translucent face powder, at no additional cost. If you are shooting late in the day, you may also want to bring a razor and shaving gel, though we usually have shaving gel and disposable razors at the studio if you forget to bring your own. As for hair, you can schedule an appointment with the beauty salon directly before your session. If you require any special products for your hair, please bring them with you. (Every day products such as gel, mousse or hairspray is available.)

Narrow You’re Scope
1.        There is an ample amount of time allotted for your session time, please try to make your wardrobe decisions ahead of time. It is not uncommon for a client to schedule a single-look business portrait session and then upon arriving say I thought since I was already here we could also do? There usually will be only enough time set aside to do the scheduled session.
2.       If you want more than one looks that fine. You can scheduled as many looks as you want but we need to know ahead of time and make sure you have gone over business portrait pricing.
3.       It is usually not advisable to try multiple looks if you only need one, because you run the risk of liking one outfit best but the expression or pose from another. It can be very frustrating so try to decide ahead of time.

  We typically invoice our business clients individually, as we do with the rest of our clients. If however your company is paying for your portraits, we will need to get prior approval from the accounting office that will be providing payment prior to your session. Regardless of who is making the payments on the account, we will need to receive final payment before providing you with a final product.
  We understand that email is the primary form of contact for many of our business clients, and we will do our best to assist you via email. However, there are times we get extremely busy and we cannot guarantee that there will always be someone monitoring the incoming mail. We suggest if you are dealing with something time sensitive that you give us a call to follow up and ensure we received your email.

          It is rare that clients feel the need to re-shoot but it can happen. Our policy is as that if the re-shoot is necessary due to photographer error (poor posing, lighting, exposure, etc.) there is no charge to shoot again. If the client feels there is a second shoot necessary because of a client issue (makeup, hair, wardrobe, mental attitude, etc.) there is a half price session fee to re-shoot.